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Game Narratives

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Mistborn (Ongoing)

The noble heir gets kidnapped and, in an attempt to escape, unlocks powers well-known to be fearsome, but the powers are not as strong as they should be.

Can you solve the mystery and strengthen your powers to stop the kidnapper from swarming the city with monsters?

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Mystery


Exoría (Concept doc)

A criminal is sent to a space prison surrounding an asteroid belt. With no guards or warden, tribes rule and race with space hogs for rations.


Survive the ordeal and decide the fate of the station and its inhabitants.

Group assignment

Genre: Sci-Fi, Racing, Action

Short Stories

Old Morris

An elderly man lives in perfect paradise with his family, and decides to leave.

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi


The Many Questions in Saxon's Head

A curious boy meets a strange friend, and his usual questions lead him into deep waters.

Genre: Fairytale


The Witch and the Curse

The partner of a witch encounters one of the fae and makes a fateful deal.

Part of the Brambleford series

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale


The Brambleford Twins

A short fairytale revealing the origins of a couple of twin sisters and their mysterious connection.

Part of the Brambleford series

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale


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