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Genre: Superhero, Fantasy

Feel: Medieval Urban Fantasy

Team: Solo-project


​The heir of a noble house gets kidnapped and, in an attempt to escape, unlocks powers well-known to be fearsome, but the powers are not as strong as they should be. Can you solve the mystery and strengthen your powers to stop the kidnapper from swarming the city with monsters?

Copyright Disclaimer: I hold no Mistborn rights. All rights to Mistborn are reserved to Brandon Sanderson and his affiliates.


This project is a non-commercial fan game, rights reserved to me, Marcus Bildtgård.


Assets have all rights reserved to their respective creators.




Leaving the world a better place



Empowering yourself


The tropes for this story comes from both the fantasy and superhero genres.

While the setting is fantastical and the powers and monsters are magical in nature, the over-arching story is about a person who discovers superpowers and need to beat the other person with similar ones to save their city, which is a classic superhero story.


Saving the World


Badass Cape


Damsel Out Of Distress

Hero's Journey

The Good Kingdom



Mistborn Timeline.png


Mistborn Pacing.png


World Introduction

You play as Naie, the heir of noble house Hue, but you're sick and weak. You father, who's on the Assembly, the governing body, gives you medication and takes you through basic movement tutorial.


You and a servant friend long for adventure and your city is under siege, so you sneak up on the wall to look at the army of soldiers and ogres, introducing sneaking mechanics.

Inciting Incident

In the middle of the night, your home is invaded by a Mistborn, Tarren Elariel. Your servant friend is killed and you get kidnapped.


You're taken to another location, where Tarren aggravates you. You unlock your own Mistborn powers, but they're uncommonly weak. You manage to escape and happen to meet Dockson, who has a lot of knowledge about Mistborn powers.


Dockson hates nobility, so you lie about your heritage to get him to train you.


You gradually learn to control your Mistborn powers from Dockson, who sets you off to find a secretive, spiritual people - the Valla - within the city. They guide you spiritually to unlock more of your powers.


You go on missions for Dockson and the Valla, to help the city and uncover Tarren's plan.


The Reflection and Escalation parts loop and build until the Climax.


You discover your parents have given you medication to keep your powers away, which is why your powers are weak.


In the last escalation part, Tarren slaughters the Valla, and uncovers your lie to Dockson, who leaves you.


Tarren bursts one of the city gates and ogres are flooding in.

Dockson dies defending you.

You fight your way to Tarren, and after a long battle, fool them into drinking your medication, draining them of their powers.


After having left Tarren to the authorities, you search the Valla's hiding place and find texts and relics from ages past. You take it upon yourself to continue their legacy.

Detailed Outline


naie hue.png

The Protagonist -  Naie Hue

The heir of noble house Hue. Is sick and weak, but longs for an exciting life to start.

Powers: Mistborn

Wants: Adventure

Flaws: Too trusting

Needs: Wisdom in whom to trust


The Mentor - Dockson

Former rebel leader, now in authority position.


Wants: Equality & to end all nobility

Flaws: Hate & prejudice

Needs: To stop being prejudiced


The Antagonist - Tarren Elariel
Member of the formerly powerful noble house Elariel, recently brought down by the rebellion.

Powers: Mistborn

Wants: Revenge for their family

Flaws: Hate

Needs: Powerlessness & to grieve

valla oracle.png

The Oracle
Matriarch of a secret religious people, the Valla, previously thought to be extinct. Nurturing and caring.

Powers: Misting

Wants: Survival

Flaws: -

Needs: -


Protagonist's Parents - Lord & Lady Hue

The masters of House Hue, who survived the civil wars by keeping their heads low. Lord Hue now sits on the Assembly, governing the kingdom.

Wants: Survival

Flaws: Hunger for power

Needs: To take responsibility

Risk Assessment

Since this is a fan game of a well-established book series, it's imperative to get a lot of things right. The magic system and world-building is a big part of the Mistborn series and if not handled with care, it could reject the very fans this game aims to please.


For this reason, I am working with the Mistborn fan community to make sure that I get specifically the core mystery of the protagonist's powers quite right.

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