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About Me


You've reached the inner sanctum. That means I've probably made some kind of impression! Cool.


I mostly enjoy puzzles and RPGs, and even more those which combine the two, like Portal and The Outer Wilds.

Playing with other people, I prefer co-op crafting games such as Valheim and Satisfactory.

My game design passion started with RPG Maker around 2005, and I just haven't stopped.My dream is to make games that challenge people's perspectives, games that make lasting impressions, games that matter.


I'm a sucker for stories and impressions, and it bleeds into my work with game design. It probably comes from my love for books and RPGs.

Outside that, I've done a bunch of theater and musicals, but foremost, I'm a fire performer.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Game Design & Graphics from Uppsala University and I am currently a Game Design student at Future Games in Stockholm.

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